(888) 439-4811| 2017 Festival Dates: August 16th-20th

AIT Players

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Come laugh as the players use audience suggestions to make up scenes on the spot. The show begins with some silly, quick-moving improv games. The players will then wow you as they perform longer, more connected scenes that may make you feel like you’re watching a scripted play. But you’re not–everything that happens each night is completely made up in the moment! Come enjoy the fun! Performers: Joe Schneider, Carolyn Janis, Alan Kaatz, Cody Robson, Lizzie Nolan, Chris Shurland, Courtney Magleby, Dean Santiago, Amy Shank, Laura Kennon.

SHOWTIME: Thursday, September 15th, 9:00 PM with Vagina Jones
Eventbrite - Vagina Jones and AIT Players (San Francisco Improv Festival 2016)

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