(888) 439-4811| 2017 Festival Dates: August 16th-20th

Musical! the Musical!

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Musical! The Musical

Full of song, dance, and irony, our troupe, Musical! The Musical! promises you a show you’ll never forget, buttoned with a moral. With trained singers ranging across the vocal scale, we use every tool at our disposal to create the closest thing to a Broadway musical as we can get. Yes, that means there’s a hero and villain. Yes, that means the sidekick may be the one to save the day. Yes, that means jazz squares. There will be laughs; there could also be tears. But no matter what, we want you there for the magical, and musical, ride. We are Musical! The Musical!

SHOWTIME: Saturday, September 17, at 9:00 PM with Rachel Hamilton & David Razowsky
Eventbrite - Musical! The Musical and Rachel Hamilton with Special Guest (San Francisco Improv Festival 2016)

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