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Paul Vaillancourt

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Paul Vaillancourt

Paul Vaillancourt is the co-founder (with Charna Halpern) of the iO West and has been teaching and performing improv for close to 30 years. We’re extraordinarily lucky to have him up for the first time to the SFIF for a 2-day workshop and not one, but two shows with Susan Messing. Don’t miss your chance to see and/or work with Paul – he’s what we in the improvisation business call “The Goods”…


WORKSHOP: The Improvised Movie with Paul Vaillancourt

The Improvised Movie Form was originally pioneered by Del Close and the legendary team The Family while exploring new and different ways to expand (and explode) the Harold.  Since then, Paul has taught and performed hundreds of movies all over the country with various teams and as a one man show.  In this intense six hour workshop Paul will use his 20+ years of experience with the Improvised Movie to teach students the skills necessary to improvise movies of their own including camera technique, use of genre, scene painting and the teepee method of story telling.  For movie lovers and lovers of linear narrative in general.

This workshop is designed for experienced Harold players.

WORKSHOP TIMES: Saturday & Sunday September 10th & 11th (10AM – 1PM)
Eventbrite - Workshop: The Improvised Movie with Paul Vaillancourt (San Francisco Improv Festival 2016)

SHOWTIME: Friday, September 9, 9:00 PM in Messing with a Friend with HUGE
Eventbrite - Messing w/ Friends and HUGE (San Francisco Improv Festival 2016)

SHOWTIME: Saturday, September 10, 9:00 PM in Messing with Friends with Robot Teammate & The Accidental Party
Eventbrite - Messing w/ Friends and Robot Teammate & the Accidental Party (San Francisco Improv Festival 2016)

Paul Vaillancourt: Aside from co-founding LA’s improvisational landmark iO West training center and theater, Paul has appeared at such notable venues as HBO’s Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Chicago’s iO (where he studied with the immortal Del Close), New York’s UCB Theater, and as a featured teacher and performer at Baltimore Improv Group’s 10th annual Improv Festival to name a few. Paul has also had success as a writer and producer, co-creating and serving as supervising writer for the MTV hit “The Blame Game” as well as lending his writing and producing talents to a score of other shows for MTV, VH1, USA, Oxygen, Bravo, History and AMC. He has also published a book about improv called “The Triangle of the Scene” (available on iBooks and Amazon Kindle) and produces a weekly series of videos called “Improv Tips” available on his YouTube channel PVImprov.


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