Coming Back Together, September 2024

The San Francisco Improv Festival celebrates the art of improvisational theater by presenting work by local and out-of-town ensembles, producing workshops with the most innovative minds in the artform, and educating the public about all aspects of improvised performance.

The Festival will be returning to hosting live events in 2024. Stay tuned!

How we got here

Founded in 2004 by Sam Shaw, Shawn Landry, and a cadre of volunteers, SFIF has brought hundreds of acts to the public, hosted free happenings for the city at large, kicked off a documentary project on The Committee and the roots of improvisation in San Francisco, and promoted improvisation in both its entertainment aspects as well as how it’s applied to daily life.

The Festival was relaunched by Executive Producer Jamie Wright and other members of improv troupe Crisis Hopkins in 2009 and ran through 2019 after which global events put a halt to large scale public entertainment. Now, with a new leadership structure being formed to bring it back to production in 2024, the Festival rises from the flames of lockdown to return to the San Francisco entertainment scene and celebrate the global improv community’s resilience and love for the artform.

Stay tuned for more information, coming soon!

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