About San Francisco Improv Fest

The San Francisco Improv Festival celebrates the art of improvisational theater by presenting work by local and out-of-town ensembles, producing workshops with the most innovative minds in the artform, and educating the public about all aspects of improvised performance.

The 2019 San Francisco Improv Festival production team consists of Executive Producer Jamie Wright, Artistic Director Marcus Sams, Producer-In-Chief Mithra Vankipuram, Board Member/Producers Kimberly MacLean, Cassidy Brown, and Jill Eickmann. Co-Founder Sam Shaw and Board Member Erin Daruszka work with the festival in an advisory capacity.


Executive Producer

Jamie Wright


Mithra Vankipuram

Artistic Director

Marcus Sams

Board Member

Kimberly MacLean

Board Member

Cassidy Brown

Board Member

Jill Eickmann

Board Member

Erin Daruszka


If you are a performer in SFIF we have been sending emails with all sorts of handy dandy information to the name & email that was listed in your application. Some of the information sent in those emails is contained below – but you should definitely make sure those messages are being shared with your entire group.

How do I know if my troupe is in SFIF this year?

We contact you via an email notification to the contact address you provided on your application whether your troupe is in our fest this year or not. If you still have questions contact our Submissions email

How do I connect to you on social media?

Twitter: @sfimprovfest – #SFIF2017
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sfimprovfest
Flickr: www.flickr.com/photos/sfimprovfest/sets/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/sfimprovfest/
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/sfimprovfest
The Improv Network: The San Francisco Improv Festival 2017

How can I help promote my troupe’s show in SFIF?

We want and need your help filling up those audience seats!

  • Use the links to our social media, tag us & yourselves!
  • Invite people to the Facebook Event we’ve created (your troupe’s contact has been sent a link or you can find through our SFIF FB page)
  • Like our FB page then like & share event listings and SFIF postings to help us spread the word. Retweet our #SF1F2017 postings to reach a wider audience.

What special perks does my troupe get for being in SFIF?

Seeing Shows:
All performers will receive a festival pass bracelet that will give you free entry to all shows with unsold seats.
Workshops are in the planning stages right now. We will announce them as they are confirmed via Facebook, Twitter and of course on this very site…!
Private Info Page for troupe members:
Your main troupe contact will receive an email with a private link to a performers only Facebook page where we will share updates and special information just for you.

My troupe is in the SFIF this year – what do you need from me & my peeps?

  • Your troupe’s Twitter handle
  • Your troupe’s Facebook link
  • 50 word blurb of your team/troupe
  • 100 word bio for your team/troupe that includes a show description
  • High-resolution (300dpi 8×10) group photo in jpeg or TIFF format
  • Cast List
  • Graphic/Team Logo (if you have one).


  • Info. about anything special your troupe or members have going on.
  • Links to articles, blog posts, press features or other publicity about your trouper and/or its members.
  • Links to HIGH QUALITY videos (edited, titled, nice lighting & audio) & audio interviews.

Something is incorrect, outdated, or not working on our Eventbrite ticket page, what should I do?

If you have any changes or concerns, including a different picture or graphic, or different descriptions for your troupe, please send those to our ticketing maven, Cassidy.

I have a question/concern about the night of our show who do I contact?

It is less than a week until our show: your main troupe contact has the contact info (cell & email) for your troupe’s producer – (if for any reason you are not able to reach your producer try calling us at (888) 439-4811 and leave a message. One of us should be back in touch with you shortly).
It is more than a week until our show: Contact your producer (your troupe’s main contact should have this contact info).
It is a question about technical aspects: Contact us at (888) 439-4811.

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