BAY AREA IMPROV TRAINING CENTERS – Focus on Un-Scripted Theater Company

As part of our effort to promote community & build appreciation for the quality and diversity of the various improv training centers in the Bay Area, we want to highlight some of the goings on.

In our fourth installment, Melissa Holman-Kursky, Assistant Company Manager & DASH Co-Director at Un-Scripted Theater Company shares with us the scope and exciting new directions of this 12 year old organization. “The San Francisco improv scene is growing at an amazing rate, and all of the local theaters are benefiting from the talented improvisors that are emerging!”

When to see Un-Scripted at SFIF 2015:

Show: DASH, Sept 17, 7-8:30pm (with Double Improv Rainbows) LINK Workshop: SF Improv Training Sampler, Sept 13, 1-5pm LINK

What is the most exciting thing happening at Un-Scripted right now?

We have some really exciting new classes and community jams coming up. We’ve expanded our course offerings, including a lot of musical improv classes and longform skill-based workshops, plus have kept popular classes like our flash freeform class. We have a new free longform jam, an improv music jam, and a Bay Area troupe jam featuring 10 minutes of material from 10 different troupes each time.

What are you most proud of about the work you’re doing and/or about the organization itself?

Un-Scripted is a completely volunteer-run organization, and we’ve been thriving in San Francisco for 12 seasons as of this year. We’ve run our own space in Union Square 3 years, took over an additional classroom/rehearsal space in the building 2 years ago, and are continuing to grow all the time.

How would you describe your style of improv?

Un-Scripted has historically focused on narrative longform, specifically improvised two-act plays and musicals. We now regularly teach and perform freeform, more comedically-based improv as well, mainly through our late night show DASH. In any format, we focus on genuine acting, honest emotional responses, and realistic characters as the basis of all we do.

Are there samples or press about the kind of work you do?

SF Weekly Article about our show “Swipe Right” and 2014 Article featured on KQED are a two examples.

How can people learn more about Un-Scripted?