Lineup Change to Saturday!!

WeirDass’ date night in SF hits a bump…

So we have a little Not-So-Great News/Good News situation as regards our show with WeirDass.

Stephnie Weir is unable to make it to the festival tomorrow due to a change in the shooting schedule on an episode of the upcoming series, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This is (for our expectations) the not-so-great news.

The good news is, Bob Dassie is still coming and will be joined by Stephnie’s castmate from MADtv, Frank Caeti, and Second City veteran (& local fave) Rachel Hamilton!

They will be DassHamiltEti. Or FranknRachiBob. Or Dassie’s Fantastic Fun Hour. We’ll have a name for you shortly – or you can just make one up. We’ll go with it! The good news is, it’s gonna be great.

Click the pic above for a WeirDass fix and click here for tickets to the power trio we’ve just set to rock your faces off tomorrow night at 7pm!