LINEUP CHANGE: Uncle’s Brother Drops Out

BAD NEWS. Uncle’s Brother had to drop out of our lineup.

We know. Ouch.

We were also looking forward to the improvisation of Tim Meadows, Brad Morris, and Joe Canale. Unfortunately, due to a shift in the shooting schedule on Marry Me (Tim Meadows’ upcoming show on NBC) there’s no way for them to perform at the festival.

It’s disappointing, and for those of you looking for a repeat of their stellar shows from 2010 & 2011 (like we were), we’re sorry. We do have a great group waiting to step in and bring you something new and monstrously talented: The Vendetta.

It’s a duo of Heather Anne Campbell (SNL, Whose Line?) and Colton Dunn (Key & Peele) and they will amaze. Find out more about them here!