Party for Your Right to (Piano)Fight


Kickstarter & all, PianoFight threw a great event last night for the performance community: improvisors, sketch performers, appreciative press, and patient and hopeful family of investors, and of course, actual family who have invested in their new venue at 144 Taylor.

With performance moments from EndGames (who will be opening up operations in the venue), PianoFight, and speechtaculars from the founders of this effort, the night was otherwise left to a dense crowd of excited performers and well-wishers who alternately grabbed free drinks and contributed to the Kickstarter, which will be going to outfitting the actual venue with lighting fixtures, bar accoutrement, and other extras like seats and tables. The final complex will include a production studio, rehearsal spaces, and three theaters, as well as a simple kitchen and a full bar.

We wholeheartedly encourage you to throw in on the Kickstarter and help get this amazing new venue off to a great start…!

PianoFight: SF’s Next Landmark Entertainment Venue

The Kickstarter runs until January 17th – support it!