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Improv you can’t get enough of.

Improvised mashups of bingewatching favorites. Diana Brown and Dan Wilson recreate the lost pilot of a show that you have never seen but would watch the hell out of. Every show tackles a mash-up of two different genres, from police procedural to soap opera to something awesome that would totally get canceled by Fox in its first season. And for some performances, not only can you help us create a pilot of a show you’d watch the hell out of… you can vote to watch another episode of a show we’ve already created! For example, Castle Catchers (a mash-up of Game of Thrones and HGTV’s Flipping Houses) – audiences have voted to see 3 episodes of that show so far! So bring your cell phones and vote for the show you’d like to see on our website before the show.

Featured Cast: Diana Brown and Dan Wilson

Cast Bio: Diana and Dan have been collaborating for over 10 years. They’re both founding members of Radiostar Improv. Dan performed with Diana in her troupe The Legal Briefs, Diana played with Dan in his troupes Pharmasupial and Submergency. Diana and Dan both perform with Leela’s Armando Company. Diana also performs with Leela’s all lady Harold troupe, #Sorry Not Sorry. As a teacher with Leela’s Training Center in San Francisco, Diana leads drop-in classes and level I and level lll. Diana also directs Leela’s performing ensemble The Professionals. Diana also-coaches LiGht BrighT, the Bay Area’s premiere LGBTQ improv troupe and the all lady ensemble, Peach Pit. Diana has also coached the improv duo Off One Letter. Dan is a playwright, both he and Diana are theatrical producers. When not improvising, they both perform in scripted theatre.

SHOWTIME: Thursday, September 20th, 7:30PM with Hardy Boys
Eventbrite - Bingewatch with Hardy Boys (San Francisco Improv Festival 2018)

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