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In true Tarantino style, they start with the end, portraying an action filled and/or heart-throbbingly romantic and/or tear-jerkingly dramatic and/or gut-busting funny climax. They then work their way forwards, from the beginning of the movie, to the end, exploring how our characters arrived at their tragic/sappy/glorious fates. With an insanely talented cast and never-ending twists, turns, and laughs, The End is the great start, or end, to a dinner & “movie” night.

Featured Cast: Kayla Mahoney, Clint Gibler, Brian Lucett, Emily Markoe, Steve Kaye, Maddie DiBiasi, Joshua Love, and Anastasia Vigo.

SHOWTIME: Thursday, September 20th, 9:00PM with Extreme Improv
Eventbrite - Extreme Improv Championship and Chesterfield (San Francisco Improv Festival 2018)

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