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Shaun Landry and Hans Summers are the comedy duo Landry & Summers. They are skilled actors who improvise, working together creating improvisational and sketch comedy since 1986. Both are founding members of Oui Be Negroes and both had the honor of helping create The San Francisco Improv Festival.

They perform improvised scenes from your suggestions and sketch comedy from their heads. They both teach improvisational and sketch comedy nationally and internationally. Shaun is a faculty improv teacher at The Pack Theater (Level 3) in Los Angeles, and both Landry & Summers produce The Seniors: Improv with Improvisers over The age of 50 at The Pack Theater. They also perform on a semi regular basis at The Revolution Theater in North Hollywood.

Ask Hans about Shaun’s back and MS. Ask Shaun about Hans’ Prostate. Both will say IT’S GOOD GETTING OLD IN IMPROV COMEDY.

“Landry and Summers have been doing (Great Improv) for years. They Be Professionals.” – The Chicago Reader

Featured Cast: Shaun Landry, Hans Summers

SHOWTIME: Thursday, September 20th, 9:30PM with The Recchia
Eventbrite - The Recchia with Landry & Summers (San Francisco Improv Festival 2018)

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