Razowsky & Hamilton

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Razowsky & Hamilton’s David Razowsky and Rachel Hamilton are both alumni of The Second City Mainstage and renowned teachers of Improvisation.

In fact, if you added up the combined hours they have spent performing and teaching Improv and then assigned a tangible unit to represent each hour – let’s say a lemon – and then you lined up those lemons, well, let’s just say you would have a whole lot of lemons on your hands. Now, if you wanted to go the extra mile and see how many times those lemons could circle the earth, you sure would have a helluva time because they would keep rolling away, being round(ish) and all.

And while you are doing all that, David and Rachel are going to improvise a show and get a couple more lemons for your project.

Featured Cast: David Razowsky & Rachel Hamilton

SHOWTIME: Friday, September 21st, 7:00PM with The Trifecta
Eventbrite - The Trifectawith Rachel Hamilton (San Francisco Improv Festival 2018)

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VIDEO: Razowsky & Hamilton at SFIF 2016



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