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The Recchia

Group Bio

Endgames Improv created The Recchia in 2011 from some of its teachers and best performers. The show meant to give students a chance to see their teachers in action, but San Francisco at large got wind of the show and made it one of the best attended comedy shows around.

Your F!#&ed Up Relationship invites an audience member to the stage to be interviewed about a crazy, terrible, or unbelievable relationship from their past. The Recchia then dissects it, using every detail to create an original long form performance. We delight in the unpredictable experience of asking the audience to give us something, and the communal aspect of exploring something we’ve all experienced.

The Recchia has performed at the San Francisco Improv Festival, Jangleheart Circus in Chicago, the Los Angeles Improv Festival, the California Improv Festival, San Francisco Sketchfest, and the Del Close Marathon.

Featured Cast: More Info to Come…!

SHOWTIME: Thursday, September 20th, 9:30PM with Landry & Summers
Eventbrite - The Recchia with Landry & Summers (San Francisco Improv Festival 2018)

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