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Andy and Jerry are The Trifecta, an improv trio forever searching for a third member.  Luck has not been on their side–every guest they invite to the trio stays for just a single show.  And there have been some good ones too!: Sarah Shoemaker, Rachel Hamilton, Rafe Chase, Tim Orr.  Not one has stuck, although it seems highly doubtful to Andy and Jerry that that could possibly have anything to do with them.

Join them on their quest for that magical third in this completely improvised show-within-a-show.  Enjoy the trio’s performance onstage and also witness the backstage antics, blunders, and disasters of Andy and Jerry as they struggle to woo their guest.  Cross your fingers and toes and say a little prayer that maybe, perhaps just maybe, this guest will be different than the rest and The Trifecta will finally be complete.  We shall see…

Featured Cast: Andy Sarouhan and Jerry Ruoti, with special guest improvisor Kimberly MacLean.

SHOWTIME: Friday, September 21st, 7:00PM with Razowsky & Hamilton
Eventbrite - The Trifectawith Rachel Hamilton (San Francisco Improv Festival 2018)

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