SF Improv Fest – MP3 Experiment Highlight Posted!

Thanks to all of you who showed up to play on Tuesday!!

The MP3 Experiment was a huge success, with an estimated 2500 people improvising in Union Square to the dulcet tones of Steve, Improv Everywhere’s omnipotent voice on the MP3 track. Check out the video highlight from the event by clicking on the pic above, and take a loook at some other angles from NBC Bay Area and Laughing Squid!

Special thanks to SF Rec and Parks and MJM Management for rolling with an event much larger than anticipated…!

Charlie Todd’s talk and Q&A on Improv Everywhere  (Improv Everywhere Live!) was also excellent and told us how it all got started. Really, Charlie – you look nothing like Ben Folds… It was an hour of behind-the-scenes stories, clips, commentary and your questions answered with the man who started it all – thanks to all who came!

Special thanks to the SF School of Digital Filmmaking for hosting the event in their space at the SF Chronicle building (@ 5th & Mission)!