SFIF 2020 *not* coming to a theater near you…

Hello Team SFIF.

We hope you are doing as well as one can be in these ever-changing times.

As a collective, we hold improv concepts near and dear. One of the most powerful tenets of improv is the idea of having each others’ back. We consider every producer, performer, teacher, volunteer, photographer, sponsor, bartender, food server, audience member and patron to be a member of the team that is the San Francisco Improv Festival every year. In an effort to have our team’s back, and to keep the general public safe, we feel at this time we must completely reimagine our festival’s 16th birthday party.

This message is coming to you as no surprise, I am sure. Since the Covid-19 crisis gripped the planet, messages of event cancelations have dominated inboxes worldwide and our great city of San Francisco is not immune to this situation. It truly breaks our hearts to do this, but it is an important step towards us doing our part in helping to squash the spread of Covid-19. We look forward to playing together in person & exploring the bounds of this amazing art form with you in 2021, when we hope we will all have found peace, health, and normalcy.

In the interim, we’ve been taking notes on the inspiring work that so many of you have already been doing with the creative constraints of the Zoom Era, and thinking about what alternatives we can provide. Although it will be no replacement, know that the thinking caps are on, and we look forward to serving up something tasty for you all on the interwebs. Stay tuned for more on that in the coming months.

Till then, we wish you health and encourage you to tap into your improv wisdom. When faced with uncertainty, our ability to Yes& opportunities and navigate change as it comes is part of the resilient nature of an improvisor.

You are all on TEAMSFIF, and with a strong team, anything is possible. This too shall pass.

Keep playing,

Marcus Sams, Artistic Director, SFIF 2020

& the SF Improv Festival Board