Sing it! Good times at Improv Karaoke

The San Francisco Improv Festival brought Rick & Laura Hall to The City to teach a Beginning and Advanced version of their hugely popular “Improv Karaoke” workshop, with a class jam for the advanced students Saturday, April 12th.

Thanks Laura and Rick for their excellent work and to all who brought the goods to the workshops and the jam that night. The jam was particularly fun, including a Riccola operetta, a Second City reunion of sorts between Rick Hall and Joe Liss (and a Great Big American Slurpee), and some all around ridiculousness from all involved.

Performers from the major schools in the city and across the Bay played together in this unique format – which is what we’re all about helping make happen. Thanks to all who played!

Thanks to Clay Robeson and the good people of the Un-Scripted Theater Company for their support and assistance in making this happen!

Laura Hall continues her work on the hugely popular Whose Line is it Anyway? (now rebooted on the CW network) and Rick Hall’s broadcast resume includes turns on Key & Peele, Arrested Development, and Curb Your Enthusiasm.Together, they brought over 50 years of improvisational musical experience to share with the SF improv community.