Submission Deadline Extended for SFIF 2011!


Okay… As we’re improvisors, we understand procrastination and we also listen.

And what we are hearing is the growing number of folks who are telling us they need some more time to get their videos together. So – we are extending the deadline another two weeks to help you get the last details in place and get your videos uploaded & over to us. So – EXTENDED DEADLINE: MAY 22ND. This moves back the announcement of the festival lineup to the 25th of May.

This, however, comes at a bit of a price – the fee goes up to $45 on the 9th of May. So if you are close to it, knock it out this weekend and save your group the TEN BUCKS!!

And a heartfelt thanks to those who have submitted on time – you saved yourself $10 and your submissions have been watched with love and leisure…!