Sunday, August 15


SF BIKE COALITION NIGHT!! Bike to the theater and get $5.00 off your ticket!  Bike parking provided by the SF Bike Coalition. Bike parking starts at 8pm.

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Kim “Howard” Johnson: My Life with Python, on the making of Monty Python’s “Life of Brian”.  Python historian/employee/collaborator/author and friend Kim “Howard” Johnson presents the history of his life with the members of Monty Python, with a particular emphasis on his weeks on the set of “Life of Brian” in Tunisia. From travels with Graham Chapman and years as John Cleese’s personal assistant, to producing Terry Jones’ 2011 tour,  Howard talks about life in the Python inner circle, and presents a plethora of Python pictures from the past four decades.

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Armando Diaz: Student Showcase – the Magnet’s mission is to teach the skills necessary to do original, honest, and instantly brilliant comedy. Our program has been thoughtfully crafted so novices and veterans alike will build and strengthen their skills from class to class, and level to level. Each component builds on the previous one, with an emphasis on bringing out the best in each improvisor and building a diverse skill-set, not on trying to force a single style, technique or narrow dogma. Students learn by doing, through games and exercises in class, and through performances on the Magnet stage.

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Un-Scripted Theater • SPF7

UN-SCRIPTED THEATER COMPANY creates smart, innovative, and entertaining improvised theater that delights our audiences and advances the art and craft of improvisation.

SPF7 is a comedy group from San Francisco.  A majority of the time they are good friends.  They have performed all over the United States and the kids seem to love them.