Three Things!! with SFIF Producer-in-Chief Mithra Vankipuram

SF Improv Festival Producer-in-Chief 2019, Mithra Vankipuram

We’re excited at The San Francisco Improv Festival, not only for our 15th anniversary gathering together of improvisational magnificence from around the Bay and around the world, we also have some fantastic new staffing announcements.

Top of mind is the appointment of longtime Fest volunteer, producer, performer alumnus, and all-around improv community badass, Mithra Vankipuram, to spearhead production for 2019’s festival. Running a festival in your spare time takes an immense amount of time and effort and is fueled by joy and kept on the rails by those few among us who can get sh*t done. Mithra is just such a human.

Her work with SFIF previously has been around running special events like our opening night party and she’s done an amazing job at one of our core objectives of creating a compelling and enjoyable performer experience.

We asked Mithra to play Three Things!! with us and give us a peek into what makes her improv clock tick.

  1. What got you into improv? Improv was a way for me to make new friends and connect with people (in real life) when I moved to California in 2012 [after moving to the U.S. in 2006]. The improv communities in the Bay Area made me feel like I belonged.
  2. What’s kept you at it for the past 6 years? To me “Yes, And” is a way of life. Improv gives me the opportunity to practice embodying the “Yes, And” philosophy on, and off stage. It also has a strange way of exposing my ticks, and, defensive responses, which I find infinitely intriguing. It’s become a medium for self-reflection, for me.
  3. What are you most excited about coming into the role of SFIF Producer-In-Chief for 2019? I am excited about giving back to the community. I vividly remember the awe and excitement I felt when I saw my first SFIF show in 2013. I want to be part of creating that moment for someone else!

Three Things!!