Troupes & Teams: Get App Fee Waived for 2014!

We’re calling it the “Super Early-Bird” rate!

You probably know that Sam Shaw and I have been putting more of our creative juice/comedy nerdery and SFIF resources toward a documentary on the pioneering improvisational theater company, The Committee. It’s a project that we began three years ago when we produced a reunion and panel discussion to review their influence at SFIF 2010.

With only two weeks left to meet our goal of $45,000, we are making a special appeal to the improv community: Back this project on Kickstarter at any amount over $30 and get your application fee waived for the 2014 SF Improv Festival, along with the other award swag & recognition that go along with your level of support.

If you are interested in taking us up on this benefit, after you back us, email and let us know the name of your ensemble. If you have already contributed (and many of you have. THANK YOU!), contact us and we will waive your 2014 fee.

The Committee is widely influential, but unsung. This is a very rare opportunity to tell a story of comedy, San Francisco, and the 1960s that has not been fully explored.

As improvisers and sketch comedians, the story of The Committee is very much your story. Our documentary will investigate the origin of longform improvisation (how Harold was born in SF), how the Committee’s comedy interacted with the turbulent politics of the era, and the experience of the women in the company as the women’s movement was beginning, and their role in rock and roll history via the North Beach nightclub scene and helping give bands like Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead and Big Brother and the Holding Company their start.

We also measure our success by the number of backers that we attract. If $30 is too rich for your blood, any amount will do as a show of general support for improv history and San Francisco’s heritage in this amazing art we love so well…!

Thanks again for being part of the community of improvisers. Please help us make this doc a reality: Back the Kickstarter now!