Working in the Improv Shop: Jet Eveleth

“Get in a room with Jet and she’ll remind you why you became an improviser in the first place.”

– Allison Unger

Jet Eveleth comes to us after years of teaching both at The Second City Conservatory and iO where she is also a member of The Reckoning, one of iO’s longest-running and best-regarded teams. Besides her show with SNL’s Paul Brittain, Jet and Paul (at SFIF Sept 20th & 21st!), she also performs in a two-person show, Adsit and Eveleth with Scott Adsit (30 Rock).

Jet is coming to SF to work with her class on making improv easy by bringing more of yourself to the stage – as her course description suggests, “instead of playing a fairly convincing human, be a human.” Which, despite years of actual experience, can be hard to attain…

Get in class with Jet and find some more tools to get you there!

Jet Eveleth

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