Working in the Improv Shop: Rich Talarico

Let’s face it – we all get comfortable. And we all secretly know that the best work we do happens once we’re off in the unknown, working completely without a net, and totally committed to what’s happening and the completely unplanned thing that happens next; not historically the most comfortable place for most of us.

That’s why we’re always excited to roll out workshops every year (we take them, too!), and 2013 has a great lineup. This year we’re excited to announce workshops with Dave Razowsky, Rich Talarico of Key & PeeleJet Eveleth, and SNL’s Paul Brittain.


This year we are looking forward to introducing Rich Talarico to the Bay Area improv & sketch community. Rich brings a wealth of talents in both improv (with his many years performing on the main stages of The Second City and iO in Chicago) and sketch (with credits including SNLMadTV, and currently, Key & Peele).

He will be bringing two workshops, one which is a two day immersion in The Way of Improv based around trusting the blind jump into scenework and helping map out the many entrances into group mind. The methods he’ll be bringing are aimed at taking ordinary play and lifting it into that amazing transcendent level we occasionally are blessed to witness; apparently there are good methods and practice that got those acts to that point – and Rich Talarico will be giving us a boost to get there.

Rich will also be taking 16 incredibly lucky sketch writers into The Writers Room to learn how to find the seeds of the ideas behind sketches like Substitute Teacher, develop them, and then pitch them successfully to your co-conspirators so that they actually get *made*. How many times have you had a great idea for a scene, understood its hilarity and then not been able to convince your directors/producers/actors of its genius (or at least convey the funny)? Get the inside scoop on how the pros brainstorm, develop & pitch sketch ideas on shows like SNL and Key & Peele and then bring that back to your work. Get a spot now!